“Cre8tive Flow” playshops:

We’re not working, so why call them “work”shops?

I am a former English teacher (and teachers never die, we just lose our faculties!).  While I don’t teach in the public school system anymore, I still love teaching and offer my “Cre8tive Flow playshops” (we’re not working, so why call them workshops?) to express that passion.

I design my playshops to give you time to relax, play, and explore your creativity inside and out!  All materials are provided (except for any special tokens, symbols, talismans, etc. you want to include in your creation) and technique is also taught.  And while learning technique is part of the creative process, the focus of my playshops is your process, your experience of creating.  Most of these are small, intimate offerings (6 to 8 participants).  The space is prepared so that you can have fun discovering your creative expression in a safe, non-judgmental environment. 

Artistic ability isn’t necessary.  As a matter of fact, it isn’t even expected!


I use multiple teaching techniques to create an experiential setting for participants.  Group discussion, guided meditation, technique demonstration, hands-on practice, teacher and peer support, silent times (how can you explore your own depths if someone else’s thoughts are in your mind?), and sharing times are some of the activities that I utilize as appropriate.  If at any time you don’t want to participate in a particular activity, your choice will be honored.  All feedback is constructive, and my playshops are designed to be inclusive and a positive experience for everyone in a non-competitive setting.

I also design and collaborate with other teachers to offer weekend retreats (or are they advances?) that offer participants time to create, share, reflect, explore… or nap (if that’s what you need!). 

I hope you can join me to explore the depths of your creativity!  Please see the schedule of what is currently planned.  If you are interested in having a playshop for a group in your area, let’s talk!  I love to travel!

I will be adding playshops to this page as they are scheduled, so please check back!

And let me know via the “Contact Me” page if you are interested in participating in the playshops or retreats I am offering.


I have recently created a presentation entitled “Exploring the Solar Feminine and Her Roles Today”.  Please enjoy a cuppa while you watch this video.  And please take the time to consider the questions at the end.  Thank you!